Set CyberPanel password

python /usr/local/CyberCP/plogical/ –password newpassword

Clean up windows 10 bloatware

from powershell as admin Note: This will remove many apps in the Microsoft Store. Games, Office 365 and things that utilize the Microsoft Store. If unsure, use the customize blacklist and only tick the boxes of things you want to…

Login as root with guide to google compute engine

sudo su root sudo su –

Bind keyboard key to specific element or button

This can be done with most elements. Here’s the catch: it doesn’t always work. for IE and chrome, you need to be holding alt as well. On firefox, you need to be holding alt and shift (and control if on…

Clone shipping method

Deaktiver alle lande

Ændre stien til billeder (global)

I found answer. New OpenCart Versions Image Structure: catalog/model/tool/image.php Replace this: return $this->config->get(‘config_ssl’) . ‘image/’ . $new_image; To This: return ‘’ . $new_image; AND Replace this: return $this->config->get(‘config_url’) . ‘image/’ . $new_image; To This: return ‘’ . $new_image;

skift tiden for hvornår produkter slettes fra kurven

Dette ændrer vist kun hvor længe varer bibeholdes i kurven for gæster på siden. altså. hvis kunden ikke er logget ind. ../system/library/cart/cart.php // Remove all the expired carts with no customer ID $this->db->query(“DELETE FROM ” . DB_PREFIX . “cart WHERE…